Fueling The Mission
New 4RMations Donor Gateway

We are primarily a donor supported ministry. Your donations go a long way in helping us reach men and women with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are grateful for all donations; any amount, one-time or recurring! An online donation is very easy and only takes a moment! Simply click the button below and you’ll be asked which frequency, one-time or recurring, amount, and the fund you would like your donation to be applied. You may choose from:

1. General Operating Fund: This fund covers the day-to-day costs of operating the ministry, excluding salaries.

2. Executive Director Mission Support Fund: At this time, we have only one paid staff position, our Executive Director. He is responsible for raising the mission support funds necessary to cover his salary, which is set by the Board of Directors.

3. Scholarship Fund: This fund is to help offset the cost of our events and services for those who are eager to participate, but unable to pay for them.

4. Benevolence Fund: This fund is to help those connected through our ministry, excluding staff and Board Members, who find themselves in financial emergencies.

Your credit/debit card information will be processed through a secure form on a secure server.